British Ecological Society Special Feature: Demography Beyond the Population

BES Special Feature: Demography beyond the PopulationThis exciting collaborative and interdisciplinary special feature integrates novel lines of research in the vast field of demography that directly interact with other ecological and evolutionary disciplines.

The goal of the special feature - to highlight the interdisciplinary potential of demography - is further emphasised by the fact that its articles are spread among all six journals of the British Ecological Society.

Our goal is to make aware both demographers and non-demographers alike that there is much to be gained by linking demography to other disciplines and scales in ecology and evolution.

The Special Feature is based on a British Ecological Society symposium that was held in March 2015 and is the first time all six BES journals have collaborated to produce a joint special feature.

The following guest editors worked hard to put this special feature together:

Journal of Ecology

Demography beyond the population
Alden B. Griffith, Roberto Salguero-Gómez, Cory Merow, Sean McMahon

Standard paper
Contrasting effects of spatial heterogeneity and environmental stochasticity on population dynamics of a perennial wildflower
Elizabeth Crone

Advancing environmentally explicit structured population models of plants
Johan Ehrlén, William F. Morris , Tove von Euler and Johan P. Dahlgren

Standard paper
Transients drive the demographic dynamics of plant populations in variable environments
Jenni L McDonald, Iain Stott, Stuart Townley, Dave J Hodgson

Standard paper
Forest community response to invasive pathogens: the case of ash dieback in a British woodland
Jessica Needham, Cory Merow, Nathalie Butt, Yadvinder Malhi, Toby Marthews, Michael Morecroft, Sean McMahon

Standard paper
Environmental drivers of demographic variation across the global geographical range of 26 plant species
Martina Treurnicht, Jörn Pagel, Karen Esler, AnneLise Schutte-Vlok, Henning Nottebrock, Tineke Kraaij, Anthony Rebelo, Frank Schurr

Journal of Animal Ecology

Standard paper
How well can body size represent effects of the environment on demographic rates? Disentangling correlated explanatory variables
Mollie Brooks, Marianne Mugabo, Gwendolen Rogers, Timothy Benton, Arpat Ozgul

Standard paper
The Evolution of Labile Traits in Sex- and Age-Structured Populations
Dylan Childs, Ben Sheldon, Mark Rees

Standard paper
Opportunities and challenges of Integral Projection Models for modeling host-parasite dynamics
Jessica Metcalf, Andrea Graham, Micaela Martinez-Bakker, Dylan Childs

Standard paper
Des différences, pourquoi? Transmission, maintenance and effects of phenotypic variance
Floriane Plard, Jean-Michel Gaillard, Tim Coulson, Shripad Tuljapurkar

Journal of Applied Ecology

Standard paper
Bayesian estimates of male and female African lion mortality for future use in population management
Julia Barthold, Andrew Loveridge, David Macdonald, Craig Packer, Fernando Colchero

Standard paper
Prioritizing management actions for invasive populations using cost, efficacy, demography, and expert opinion for fourteen plant species worldwide
Natalie Z. Kerr, Peter W.J. Baxter, Roberto Salguero-Gómez, Glenda M. Wardle, Yvonne M. Buckley

Functional Ecology

Standard paper
A trait-mediated, neighborhood approach to quantify climate impacts on successional dynamics of tropical rainforests
María Uriarte, Jesse R. Lasky, Vanessa K. Boukili, Robin L. Chazdon

Standard paper
Functional traits as predictors of vital rates across the life- cycle of tropical trees
Marco Visser, Marjolein Bruijning, Stuart Wright, Helene Muller-Landau, Eelke Jongejans, Liza Comita, Hans de Kroon

Methods in Ecology and Evolution

Plant: A package for modelling forest trait ecology & evolution
Daniel Falster,Richard FitzJohn, Åke Brännström, Ulf Dieckmann, Mark Westoby

Research article
Inverse estimation of integral projection model parameters using time series of population-level data
Edgar Javier González, Carlos Martorell, Benjamin Bolker

Research article
Evolving Integral Projection Models: Evolutionary Demography meets Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics
Mark Rees, Steve Ellner

Research article
Linking demography with drivers: climate and competition
Brittany Teller, Peter Adler, Collin Edwards, Giles Hooker, Stephen Ellner

Ecology and Evolution

Original research
Phenotypic plasticity in life history traits of Daphnia galeata in response to temperature – A comparison across populations separated in time
Nicole Henning, Mathilde Cordellier- Lucass, Bruno Streit, Klaus Schwenk

Original research
Confronting species distribution model predictions with species functional traits
Marion E. Wittmann, Matthew A. Barnes, Christopher L. Jerde, Lisa A. Jones, David M. Lod

Original research
Intrinsic and extrinsic drivers of source-sink dynamics
Julie A. Heinrichsa, Joshua J. Lawler, Nathan H. Schumakerb

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