Open Call for Special Features

The editors of Journal of Ecology would like to invite special feature proposals for publication in 2019.

Submit a title and short summary of your proposed special feature along with a list of suggested articles (at least 10) and potential authors. The list of articles should make a well-rounded collection, covering the full scope of your special feature topic. You should also ensure you suggest a diverse list of authors in terms of gender and geographic spread.

We will consider proposals from across the full scope of the journal, but are particularly interested in topics including; urban plant ecology, aquatic plant ecology, big data, primary succession, and plant volatile communication.

The proposed articles should be original and novel research contributions that include new data and results, but we also welcome essay review or mini-review articles if well justified. Authors can only be listed as an author on one article and the guest editors are also expected to contribute a special feature editorial and an article for the journal blog.

All submissions must be of the highest quality and strong enough to be published as standalone articles in the journal - all special feature submissions are subject to our usual, rigorous peer review process.

Once published, the special feature articles will be free to access for a limited time and will be widely promoted via email, the journal blog and our social media channels.

Send you proposals to or contact us for more information.

Deadline: 28th February 2018


Recent examples of special features:

Long-term Dynamics and Impacts of Plant Invasions edited by Luke Flory and Carla D'Antonio

Plant Ecological Solutions to Global Food Security edited by Richard Bardgett and David Gibson

Transcriptomic and Genomic Analyses of Communities edited by Luke Flory and Andy Jones

Dispersal Processes driving Plant Movement: Range Shifts in a Changing World edited by Cristina García, Etienne Klein and Pedro Jordano 

Ecology in China Virtual Issue


The Peer Review Process

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