Editorial Board

Senior Editors

Charles Fox
Executive Editor, Reviews and Special Features Editor

Professor of Entomology, University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA
Chuck is the Executive Editor for Functional Ecology. His research interests include ecology and evolution of life histories, insect-plant interactions, population genetics, evolutionary ecology and insect behavioural ecology. Chuck's website

Duncan J. Irschick

Professor of Biology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
Duncan's research interests include ecology, functional morphology and the evolution of animal performance, with an emphasis on locomotion. His research taxa are wide-ranging, including lizards, snakes, salamanders, frogs, spiders, mice, and humans. Duncan’s website

Ken Thompson

Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK
Ken devised the widely-used scheme for classifying soil seed banks and is the author of the standard work on European soil seed banks. While retaining an interest in all aspects of seed ecology, he has published widely on almost all aspects of plant ecology, particularly on plant functional types, commonness and rarity, invasive plants, urban ecology and prediction of the response of regional and national floras to changing climate and land use. Ken has been an editor on Functional Ecology since 2004.

Alan Knapp

Department of Biology, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, USA
Alan is a professor of Biology and Senior Ecologist for the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology at Colorado State University. Previously, he served as the principal investigator of the NSF-funded Konza Prairie LTER site in Kansas and as a University Distinguished Professor at Kansas State University. His research has assessed both direct and interactive effects of fire, grazing and climate in grasslands. Current research interests focus on understanding how climatic variability drives ecosystem dynamics, and on interactions between projected global change phenomenon and plant ecophysiological, organismal and community responses. Alan's website

Craig White

School of Biological Sciences, Monash University, Australia
Craig is interested in describing and understanding the causes and consequences of physiological variation in animals. His group studies a range of traits, with an emphasis on metabolic rate, water loss, and breathing patterns, and employs a range of approaches including manipulative experiments, comparative studies, experimental evolution, and quantitative genetic analyses. His group have collected physiological data for over 60 species, including marine invertebrates, aquatic and terrestrial arthropods, and vertebrates (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals). Craig's website

Review Editor

Emma J. Sayer

Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University, United Kingdom
Emma investigates how ecosystems respond to change. Her main research focus lies in determining how interactions between above- and belowground processes affect ecosystem function. Her work includes a wide range of methods borrowed from biogeochemistry, plant-, soil, and microbial ecology, so she is intrigued by the methodological and scaling issues involved in multi-disciplinary research. She is also passionate about science communication and public engagement with research (especially at music festivals). If you are interested in submitting a review and wish to discuss it with Emma, please email her a short description of the proposed topic, including a brief statement about why it is relevant to readers of Functional Ecology (max. 350 words).

Associate Editors

Janne Alahuhta, Finland
Jennifer L Baltzer, Canada
Kasey Barton, USA
James Bell, UK
Alison Bennett, UK
Arjen Biere, The Netherlands
Neeltje Boogert, UK
María Jesús Iglesias Briones, Spain
Alison Brody, USA
Diane Campbell, USA
Emily Carrington, USA
Susana Clusella-Trullas, South Africa
Julia Cooke, UK
David Costantini, Belgium
Daniel Crocker, USA
Goggy Davidowitz, USA
Sarah E. Diamond, USA
Ellen Dorrepaal, Sweden
Rana El-Sabaawi, Canada
Lara Ferry, UK
Katie Field, UK
Rachel Gallery, Spain
Ismael Galván, Spain
Ernesto Gianoli, Chile
Oscar Godoy, Spain
Jeremy Goldbogen, USA
David Grémillet, France
Jen Grindstaff, USA
Dana Hawley, USA
Anthony Herrel, France
Tim Higham, USA
Bill Hopkins, USA
Jerry Husak, USA
Caroline Isaksson, Sweden
Hefin Jones, UK
Shaun Killen, UK
Marek Konarzewski, Poland
Julia Koricheva, UK
Gaku Kudo, Japan
Markku Larjavaara, Finland
Kwang Pum Lee, South Korea
Shawn Leroux, Canada
Laura Llorens Guasch, Spain
David Lusseau, UK
Jessamyn Manson, Canada
Dustin Marshall, USA
Clare McArthur, USA
Kevin McGraw, USA
Christine Meynard, USA
Christine Miller, USA
Kailen Mooney, USA
Ignacio Moore, USA
Helene Muller-Landeau, USA
Shuli Niu, China
Natalia Norden, Colombia
Rafael Oliveira, Brazil
Rebecca Ostertag, USA
Johannes Overgaard , Denmark
C.E. Timothy Paine, UK
Mike Pfrender, USA
Steve Portugal, UK
Sally Power, Australia
Nick Priest, UK
Sergio Rasmann, USA
Enrico L. Rezende, UK
David Reznick, USA
Sabrina Russo, USA
Anna Sala, USA
Brett Sandercock, UK
Emma Sayer, UK
Matthias Schleuning, USA
Colleen Seymour, South Africa
Brent Sinclair, USA
Keith Sockman, USA
Carly Stevens, UK
Mark Tjoelker, USA
Joseph Tobias, UK
Kathleen Treseder, USA
Barbara Tschirren, Switzerland
Jenny Watling, UK
Caroline Williams, USA
Tony Williams Canada