Functional Ecology publishes Review papers on subjects of broad ecological interest. Below is a list of recent papers in this category.

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Volume 31, Issue 10

Incorporating the effects of generalist seed predators into plant community theory

Loralee Larios, Dean E. Pearson and John L. Maron


Volume 31, Issue 9

Stable isotopes in tropical tree rings: theory, methods and applications

Peter van der Sleen, Pieter A. Zuidema and Thijs L. Pons


Volume 31, Issue 8

Sampling roots to capture plant and soil functions

Grégoire T. Freschet and Catherine Roumet


Volume 31, Issue 7

Beyond troubled waters: the influence of eutrophication on host–parasite interactions

Alexandre Budria


Volume 31, Issue 3

Does biomass growth increase in the largest trees? Flaws, fallacies and alternative analyses

Douglas Sheil, Chris S. Eastaugh, Mart Vlam, Pieter A. Zuidema, Peter Groenendijk, Peter van der Sleen, Alex Jay, Jerome Vanclay

Volume 31, Issue 2

Bridging Ecological Stoichiometry and Nutritional Geometry with homeostasis concepts and integrative models of organism nutrition

Erik Sperfeld, Nicole D. Wagner, Halvor M. Halvorson, Matthew Malishev, David Raubenheimer

Volume 31, Issue 1

An assessment of techniques to manipulate oxidative stress in animals

Rebecca E. Koch, Geoffrey E. Hill