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Open Data

23 October 2017
The British Ecological Society journals have long supported making the data associated with papers published in the journals publically available and since January 2014 this has been a requirement for publication. To facilitate the archiving of data the BES journals are integrated with the Dryad Digital Repository and through this integration the BES journals offer a smooth and easy process for authors to archive data, with costs covered by the Society.  To celebrate this integration for Open Access Week 2017 we have compiled this Virtual Issue presenting the papers with the most-downloaded datasets from the Dryad Digital Repository in the five BES journals. Dryad’s mission is to promote the preservation and availability of the data underlying findings in the scientific literature for future research and educational use. Data stored in Dryad can be re-used in many different ways such as exploring new analysis methodologies, re-purposing data for new research questions unanticipated by the original authors, performing synthetic studies such as formal meta-analyses or even as teaching resources. Read the full Virtual Issue here.

Wildlife Management

Edited by Sarah Durant and Nathalie Pettorelli
Effective, evidence-based, wildlife management is key for the successful, long-term conservation of biodiversity. Being intrinsically linked to applied ecology, wildlife management depends on the best science to minimise threats to wild species and secure viable populations; to ensure that consumptive use of wildlife is sustainable; and to promote positive relationships between people and wildlife. With this virtual issue, we aim to illustrate how the current breadth of pressing environmental issues (including overexploitation, climate change, human wildlife conflict, illegal trade, and habitat fragmentation) requires urgent and significant advancements in applied ecology and wildlife management research in order to meet 21st century challenges. While drawing from a selection of recent articles published in Journal of Applied Ecology, we also hope to demonstrate that the studies we publish can both drive forward the field of applied ecology and provide relevant, high quality evidence base for managers and policymakers. 

The Journal of Applied Ecology: Fifty years of scientific impact

10 December 2012
Edited by Jos Barlow, Marc Cadotte, Rob Freckleton, Philip E. Hulme, E.J. Milner-Gulland, Stephen. J. Ormerod, Andrew R. Watkinson & Mark J. Whittingham
To mark the 50th year of the Journal of Applied Ecology, a group of current and past Editors have selected 2–3 papers per decade for a Virtual Issue, exemplifying the contribution made by our authors in framing and responding to the key applied ecological issues of the time.

To read the full virtual issue click here.

BES Early Career Researcher Awards

28 March 2017
Each year the BES awards a prize for the best paper, in each of its journals, by an author at the start of their research career. This Virtual Issue brings together the winning and highly commended papers selected by the editors from journal issues published in 2016. Read the papers here.

Invasive Species

27 March 2017
Edited by Manuela González-Suárez and Pablo González-Moreno

Invasive species represent a serious conservation and social problem. The abundance and geographical distribution of invasive organisms continues to increase globally and considerable efforts are currently devoted to better understand the current and potential invasive species and their impacts, as well as to explore which are the most effective management actions and policy decisions to prevent further problems. This virtual issue showcases recent work on invasive species published in the journals of the British Ecological Society. We grouped these studies into three non-exclusive themes that showcase the latest approaches to understand and manage invasive species.