Editor's Choice

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March 2018

Editor's Choice: How does grazing by wild ungulates and livestock affect plant richness?
Selected paper: Livestock activity increases exotic plant richness, but wildlife increases native richness, with stronger effects under low productivity

January 2018

Editor's Choice: Integrating local knowledge and ecological research
Selected paper: Integrating local knowledge and research to refine the management of an invasive non-native grass in critically endangered grassy woodlands

December 2017

Editor's Choice: Managing urban green spaces to accommodate growth without sacrificing ecosystem services
Selected paper: Urban development, land sharing and land sparing: the importance of considering restoration

October 2017

Editor's Choice:Quantifying the collateral damage of neonicotinoid insecticides on bees
Selected paper: Planting of neonicotinoid-treated maize poses risks for honey bees and other non-target organisms over a wide area without consistent crop yield benefit

August 2017

Editor's Choice: The identification of critical catchments for freshwater conservation
Selected paper: Critical catchments for freshwater biodiversity conservation in Europe: identification, prioritisation and gap analysis

June 2017

Editor's Choice: Prescribing burns to increase forage for cattle: are managers 'biting off more than they can chew'?
Selected paper: Fire-induced negative nutritional outcomes for cattle when sharing habitat with native ungulates in an African savanna