Spotlights are groups of papers on a current, important theme in applied ecology. The papers have been individually submitted to Journal of Applied Ecology and the Editors have grouped them together after acceptance. The Spotlights are intended to showcase the latest high-quality research on a subject rather than providing a complete overview of the topic. Blog posts on The Applied Ecologist's blog bring the papers together.

Decision making under uncertainty
This Spotlight considers the questions, methods and solutions behind decisions applied ecologists and conservation scientists make that can decide the fate of species and ecosystems. 

Blog post: Decision making under uncertainty
by Michael Bode

Soil biota
Exploring ideas including biodiversity loss, restoration and sustainable production, this selection of articles demonstrates the importance of a belowground perspective.

Blog post: Putting belowground biota in the Spotlight
by Martín A. Nuñez and Nahuel Policelli

Wildlife diseases
A look at the emergence of infectious diseases affecting wildlife, as well as monitoring and management strategies.

Blog post: Forecasting and preventing the next outbreak - perspectives on infectious disease management
by Samantha Rumschlag and Jeremy Cohen

Genetics and restoration
When restoring an ecosystem it important to think about not only the diversity of species in the ecosystem, but also that of genes within and among those species.

Blog post: Ecosystem restoration under the microscope
by Ryan Sadler, University of Toronto

Wildlife and renewable energy
Renewable energy installations alter the environment. Understanding the consequences to effectively manage and balance the needs of climate change mitigation and nature conservation is vital.

Blog post: How do renewable energy installations affect wildlife?
by Lucy Wright, RSPB