Editor's Choice

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July 2017

Editor's Choice 105.4

Selected paper: Stoichiometric N:P flexibility and mycorrhizal symbiosis favour plant resistance against drought


May 2017

Editor's Choice 105.3: Signals of climate change

Selected paper: A global test for phylogenetic signal in shifts in flowering time under climate change


March 2017

Editor's Choice 105.2: Treeline and carbon

Selected paper: An assessment of carbon and nutrient limitations in the formation of the southern Andes tree line


January 2017

Editor's Choice 105.1: Elephants trump fire in the Kruger

Selected paper: Woody plant biomass and carbon exchange depend on elephant-fire interactions across a productivity gradient in African savanna


November 2016

Editor's Choice 104.6: New Zealand's plant priorities

Selected paper: Precipitation alters the strength of evolutionary priority effects in forest community assembly of pteridophytes and angiosperms


September 2016

Editor's Choice 104.5

Selected paper: On the link between functional traits and growth rate: meta-analysis shows effects change with plant size, as predicted


July 2016

Editor's Choice 104.4

Selected paper: Latitudinal variation in herbivory: hemispheric asymmetries and the role of climatic drivers


May 2016

Editor's Choice 104.3

Selected paper: Bioclimatic envelope models predict a decrease in tropical forest carbon stocks with climate change in Madagascar


March 2016

Editor's Choice 104.2

Selected paper: Herbivore intoxication as a potential primary function of an inducible volatile plant signal


November 2015

Editor's Choice 103.6

Selected paper: Fog as a source of nitrogen for redwood trees: evidence from fluxes and stable isotopes


September 2015

Editor's Choice 103.5: Why aren’t cushion plants always the best facilitators? Consequences of eco-evo processes in alpine systems.

Selected paper: Disentangling the heritable and plastic components of the competitive and facilitative effects of an alpine foundation species


July 2015

Editor's Choice 103.4: Plant invaders: same difference?

Selected paper: Revisiting Darwin's naturalization conundrum: explaining invasion success of non-native trees and shrubs in southern Africa


May 2015

Editor's Choice 103.3: Bamboos, sex, and the ultimate sacrifice

Selected paper: A spatially explicit model for flowering time in bamboos: long rhizomes drive the evolution of delayed flowering


March 2015

Editor's Choice 103.2

Selected paper: Early human impact (5000–3000 BC) affects mountain forest dynamics in the Alps


January 2015

Editor's Choice 103.1: The herbaceous layer of eastern hardwood forests: small of stature, large on importance

Selected paper: Earthworm invasion, white-tailed deer and seedling establishment in deciduous forests of north-eastern North America


November 2014

Editor's Choice 102.6: Rock slime and Rabbitfish

Selected paper: Tropical rabbitfish and the deforestation of a warming temperate sea


July 2014

Editor's Choice 102.4: Blissful indifference or escalation?

Selected paper: An ideal free distribution explains the root production of plants that do not engage in a tragedy of the commons game


May 2014

Editor's Choice 102.3

Selected paper: Restoration of a megaherbivore: landscape-level impacts of white rhinoceros in Kruger National Park, South Africa


March 2014

Editor's Choice 102.2

Selected paper: Probabilistic and spatially variable niches inferred from demography


January 2014

Editor's Choice 102.1

Selected paper: The phenology–substrate-match hypothesis explains decomposition rates of evergreen and deciduous oak leaves


November 2013

Editor's Choice 101.6

Selected paper: Waiting for Gajah: an elephant mutualist's contingency plan for an endangered megafaunal disperser


September 2013

Editor's Choice 101.5

Selected paper: Scale-dependent relationships between tree species richness and ecosystem function in forests


July 2013

Editor's Choice 101.4

Selected paper: Recolonizing wolves trigger a trophic cascade in Wisconsin (USA)


May 2013

Editor's Choice 101.3

Selected paper: Specialist species of wood-inhabiting fungi struggle while generalists thrive in fragmented boreal forests


March 2013

Editor's Choice 101.2

Selected paper: The ancient forests of La Gomera, Canary Islands, and their sensitivity to environmental change


January 2013

Editor's Choice 101.1

Selected paper: Tree effects on grass growth in savannas: competition, facilitation and the stress-gradient hypothesis


November 2012

Editor's Choice 100.6

Selected paper: Plant species diversity and genetic diversity within a dominant species interactively affect plant community biomass


September 2012

Editor's Choice 100.5

Selected paper: Continental-scale variability in browser diversity is a major driver of diversity patterns in acacias across Africa


July 2012

Editor's Choice 100.4

Selected paper: Analysis of a negative plant–soil feedback in a subtropical monsoon forest


May 2012

Editor's Choice 100.3

Selected paper: Upland deforestation triggered an ecosystem state-shift in a kettle peatland


March 2012

Editor's Choice 100.2

Selected paper: Significance and extent of secondary seed dispersal by predatory birds on oceanic islands: the case of the Canary archipelago


January 2012

Editor's Choice 100.1

Selected paper: Interspecific differences in wood decay rates: insights from a new short-term method to study long-term wood decomposition


November 2011

Editor's Choice 99.6

Selected paper: Defining the limit to resistance in a drought-tolerant grassland: long-term severe drought significantly reduces the dominant species and increases ruderals


September 2011

Editor's Choice 99.5

Selected paper: Nitrification is linked to dominant leaf traits rather than functional diversity


July 2011

Editor's Choice 99.4

Selected paper: Strict mast fruiting for a tropical dipterocarp tree: a demographic cost–benefit analysis of delayed reproduction and seed predation


May 2011

Editor's Choice 99.3

Selected paper: Ecology’s cruel dilemma, phylogenetic trait evolution and the assembly of Serengeti plant communities


March 2011

Editor's Choice 99.2

Selected paper: Invasion of Norway spruce diversifies the fire regime in boreal European forests


January 2011

Editor's Choice 99.1

Selected paper: The tolerance of island plant–pollinator networks to alien plants


November 2010

Editor's Choice 98.6

Selected paper: Effect of explosive shallow hydrothermal vents on δ13C and growth performance in the seagrass Posidonia oceanica


September 2010

Editor's Choice 98.5

Selected paper: Unveiling below-ground species abundance in a biodiversity experiment: a test of vertical niche differentiation among grassland species


July 2010

Editor's Choice 98.4

Selected paper: Modelling the growth of parasitic plants


May 2010

Editor's Choice 98.3

Selected paper: Early successional woody plants facilitate and ferns inhibit forest development on Puerto Rican landslides


March 2010

Editor's Choice 98.2

Selected paper: Variation in gene expression of Andropogon gerardii in response to altered environmental conditions associated with climate change


January 2010

Editor's Choice 98.1

Selected paper: Plant genetic diversity yields increased plant productivity and herbivore performance


November 2009

Editor's Choice 97.6

Selected paper: Positive interactions can increase size inequality in plant populations


September 2009

Editor's Choice 97.5

Selected paper: Defoliation and ENSO effects on vital rates of an understorey tropical rain forest palm


July 2009

Editor's Choice 97.4

Selected paper: Invasion of Norway spruce (Picea abies) and the rise of the boreal ecosystem in Fennoscandia


May 2009

Editor's Choice 97.3

Selected paper: Release from foliar and floral fungal pathogen species does not explain the geographic spread of naturalized North American plants in Europe


March 2009

Editor's Choice 97.2

Selected paper: Detection, survival rates and dynamics of a cryptic plant, Asclepias meadii: applications of mark-recapture models to long-term monitoring studies


January 2009

Editor's Choice 97.1

Selected paper: Competition, herbivory and genetics interact to determine the accumulation and fitness consequences of a defence metabolite


November 2008

Editor's Choice 96.6

Selected paper: Glacial refugia of temperate trees in Europe: insights from species distribution modelling


September 2008

Editor's Choice 96.5

Selected paper: Trait interactions help explain plant invasion success in the German flora


July 2008

Editor's Choice 96.4

Selected paper: Tree species identity alters forest litter decomposition through long-term plant and soil interactions in Patagonia, Argentina


May 2008

Editor's Choice 96.3

Selected paper: Temporal shifts from facilitation to competition occur between closely related taxa


March 2008

Editor's Choice 96.2

Selected paper: Somatic mutation and the Antarctic ozone hole


January 2008

Editor's Choice 96.1

Selected papers: Linking ecological and built components of urban mosaics: an open cycle of ecological design

A new framework for predicting invasive plant species