Virtual Issue in tribute to Michael Proctor

The Biological Flora of the British Isles series lost a distinguished and venerated Associate Editor with the death of Dr Michael Proctor on 24 October 2017.

Many benefitted from Michael’s expert knowledge of the British Flora, and he continued to review Biological Flora accounts until the age of 87 with great insight. You can read more about Michael’s life and work on the Journal of Ecology blog in an article written by Tony Davy and Donald Pigott.

In tribute to Michael Proctor, we have put together a special virtual issue of Michael’s contributions to Journal of Ecology, including his two Biological Flora accounts.

Ecological gradients, subdivisions and terminology of north-west European mires (Wheeler & Proctor, 2000)

Relations between acid atmospheric deposition and the surface pH of some ombrotrophic bogs in Britain (Proctor & Maltby, 1998)

The Ecology of Severe Moorland Fire on the North York Moors: Chemical and Physical Constraints on Moss Establishment from Spores (Thomas, Proctor & Maltby, 1994)

Seasonal and Shorter-Term Changes in Surface-Water Chemistry on Four English Ombrogenous Bogs (Proctor, 1994)

Regional and Local Variation in the Chemical Composition of Ombrogenous Mire Waters in Britain and Ireland (Proctor, 1992)

The Ecology of Severe Moorland Fire on the North York Moors: Seed Distribution and Seedling Establishment of Calluna Vulgaris (Legg, Maltby & Proctor, 1992)

Limiting Nutrients in Acid-Mire Vegetation: Peat and Plant Analyses and Experiments on Plant Responses to Added Nutrients (Hayati & Proctor, 1991)

The Ecology of Severe Moorland Fire on the North York Moors: Effects of the 1976 Fires, and Subsequent Surface and Vegetation Development (Maltby, Legg & Proctor, 1990)

Plant Distribution in Relation to Mineral Nutrient Availability and Uptake on a Wet-Heath Site in South-West England (Hayati & Proctor, 1990)

On the Problem of the 'R/Q' Terminology in Multivariate Analyses of Biological Data (Ivimey-Cook, Proctor & Wigston, 1969)

The Distribution of British Liverworts: A Statistical Analysis (Proctor, 1967)

Factor Analysis of Data from an East Devon Heath: A Comparison of Principal Component and Rotated Solutions (Ivimey-Cook & Proctor, 1967)

The Application of Association-Analysis to Phytosociology (Ivimey-Cook & Proctor, 1966)

Biological Flora of the British Isles: Tuberaria Guttata (L.) Fourreau (Proctor, 1960)

Ecological and Historical Factors in the Distributions of the British Helianthemum Species (Proctor, 1958)

Biological Flora of the British Isles: Helianthemum Mill (Proctor, 1956)

Read Tony Davy's and Donald Pigott's blog post about Michael: In Tribute to Michael Proctor