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Open DataThe British Ecological Society journals have long supported making the data associated with papers published in the journals publically available and since January 2014 this has been a requirement for publication. To facilitate the archiving of data the BES journals are integrated with the Dryad Digital Repository and through this integration the BES journals offer a smooth and easy process for authors to archive data, with costs covered by the Society.  To celebrate this integration for Open Access Week 2017 we have compiled this Virtual Issue presenting the papers with the most-downloaded datasets from the Dryad Digital Repository in the five BES journals.

Dryad’s mission is to promote the preservation and availability of the data underlying findings in the scientific literature for future research and educational use. Data stored in Dryad can be re-used in many different ways such as exploring new analysis methodologies, re-purposing data for new research questions unanticipated by the original authors, performing synthetic studies such as formal meta-analyses or even as teaching resources.

Short- and long-term effects of egg size and feeding frequency on offspring quality in the collared flycatcher (Ficedula albicollis) (2009) Miloš Krist.
Data set downloads = 211

How do foragers decide when to leave a patch? A test of alternative models under natural and experimental conditions (2013) Harry H. Marshall, Alecia J. Carter, Alexandra Ashford, J. Marcus Rowcliffe, Guy Cowlishaw
Data set downloads = 153

Changes in breeding phenology and population size of birds (2013) Peter O. Dunn, Anders P. Møller.
Data set downloads =  145

Density-dependent intraspecific aggression regulates survival in northern Yellowstone wolves (Canis lupus) (2014) Sarah Cubaynes, Daniel R. MacNulty, Daniel R. Stahler, Kira A. Quimby, Douglas W. Smith, Tim Coulson
Data set downloads = 144

Allee effects in ants (2013) Gloria M. Luque, Tatiana Giraud, Franck Courchamp
Data set downloads = 139

Bioclimatic envelope models predict a decrease in tropical forest carbon stocks with climate change in Madagascar (2016) Ghislain Vieilledent, Oliver Gardi, Clovis Grinand, Christian Burren, Mamitiana Andriamanjato, Christian Camara, Charlie J. Gardner, Leah
Data set downloads = 208

Does functional trait diversity predict aboveground biomass and productivity of tropical forests? Testing three alternative hypotheses. (2015) Bryan Finegan, Marielos Peña‐Claros, Alexandre de Oliveira, Nataly Ascarrunz, M. Syndonia Bret‐Harte, Geovana Carreño‐Rocabado, Fernando Casanoves, Sandra Díaz, Paul Eguiguren Velepucha, Fernando Fernandez, et al.
Data set downloads = 193

Tropical trees in a wind-exposed island ecosystem: height-diameter allometry and size at onset of maturity (2015) Sean C. Thomas, Adam R. Martin, Erin E. Mycroft
Data set downloads = 185

Species richness-productivity relationships of tropical terrestrial ferns at regional and local scales (2014) Michael Kessler, Laura Salazar, Jürgen Homeier, Jürgen Kluge
Data set downloads = 145

Demographic fate of Arabidopsis thaliana cohorts of autumn- and spring-germinated plants along an altitudinal gradient (2012) F. Xavier Picó
Data set downloads = 141

Land-use intensity and the effects of organic farming on biodiversity: a hierarchical meta-analysis (2014) Sean L. Tuck, Camilla Winqvist, Flávia Mota, Johan Ahnström, Lindsay A. Turnbull, Janne Bengtsson
Data set downloads = 336

Forest fragments modulate the provision of multiple ecosystem services (2014) Matthew G. E. Mitchell, Elena M. Bennett, Andrew Gonzalez
Data set downloads = 139

Habitat monitoring and projections for threatened Canada lynx: linking the Landsat archive with carnivore occurrence and prey density (2016) Erin M. Simons‐Legaard, Daniel J. Harrison, Kasey R. Legaard
Data set downloads = 136

Effects of forest certification on the ecological condition of Mediterranean streams (2015) Filipe S. Dias, Miguel N. Bugalho, Patricia M. Rodríguez‐González, António Albuquerque, J. Orestes Cerdeira
Data set downloads = 131

Field and greenhouse data on germination of 10 wetland species (2014) Judith M. Sarneel, Roel H. Janssen, Winnie J. Rip, Irene M. A. Bender, Elisabeth S. Bakker
Data set downloads = 125

Floral colour change in the eyes of pollinators: testing possible constraints and correlated evolution (2015) Kazuharu Ohashi, Takashi T. Makino, Kentaro Arikawa
Data set downloads = 515

Species richness, but not phylogenetic diversity, influences community biomass production and temporal stability in a re-examination of 16 grassland biodiversity studies (2015) Patrick Venail, Kevin Gross, Todd H. Oakley, Anita Narwani, Eric Allan, Pedro Flombaum, Forest Isbell, Jasmin Joshi, Peter B. Reich, David Tilman, et al
Data set downloads = 218                      

Radial changes in wood specific gravity of tropical trees: inter- and intra-specific variation during secondary succession (2015) Benjamin T. Plourde, Vanessa K. Boukili, Robin L. Chazdon
Data set downloads = 215

Are leaf functional traits “invariant” with plant size, and what is “invariance” anyway? (2014) Charles A. Price, Ian J. Wright, David D. Ackerly, Ülo Niinemets, Peter B. Reich, Erik J. Veneklaas
Data set downloads = 150

Immune response costs are associated with changes in resource acquisition and not resource reallocation (2014) Sumayia Bashir‐Tanoli, Matthew C. Tinsley
Data set downloads = 149

Image Calibration and Analysis Toolbox – a free software suite for measuring reflectance, colour, and pattern objectively and to animal vision (2015) Jolyon Troscianko, Martin Stevens
Data set downloads = 483

A multispecies occupancy model for two or more interacting species (2016) Christopher T. Rota, Marco A. R. Ferreira, Roland W. Kays, Tavis D. Forrester, Elizabeth L. Kalies, William J. McShea, Arielle W. Parsons, Joshua J. Millspaugh
Data set downloads = 289

Correction of location errors for presence-only species distribution models (2013) Trevor J. Hefley, David M. Baasch, Andrew J. Tyre, Erin E. Blankenship
Data set downloads = 226

A protocol for conducting and presenting results of regression-type analyses (2016) Alain F. Zuur, Elena N. Ieno
Data set downloads = 222

PopART: full-feature software for haplotype network construction (2015) Jessica W. Leigh, David Bryant
Data set downloads = 204

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